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Chartek are New Zealand's only commercial scale timber charring company.

Driven by our country’s love of all things black and a preference for awesome looking buildings; we wanted to bring charred timber cladding to the masses. Simply because we believe it looks incredible.

The Japanese practice of “Shou-Sugi-Ban” is ancient, they have been charring wood to waterproof homes for centuries; but for some reason it was still incredibly expensive here. We needed to reduce the cost, but maintain the quality finish.

Combining our skills in construction, engineering and material science; we discovered new ways to burn the wood at speed and with consistency.

At last charred wood is accessible to all.

We’re based in Christchurch, happily providing a charring service to architects, developers, buiders and home owners across NZ.

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**Watch Grand Designs NZ featuring charred Siberian larch & Redwood.**

We're Local

We are the only NZ based commercial wood charring operation. No more dealing with overseas suppliers or big timber operations.

We're Punctual

Because we are NZ based, we can turn around projects with tight timelines and you won’t have to worry about delays caused by importation problems.

We're Specialists

Charring wood is all that we do. We love it. We’re not builders trying it out. We’re not a timber company, we don’t make a cut on the timber you send us to char.

We're Friendly

We are a family owned business, with family values and a focus on customer service. We are here to look after you and your project.


The most common use of charred wood is exterior cladding. Not only does it look incredible, charring is also maintenance free and even improves fire resistance!


Need a feature wall? Want something unique? Consider charred wood as an option. Warm aesthetic, intriguing to touch and a bold statement!


Charring is an excellent alternative to paint. It lasts longer in all weathers, its near-zero maintenance and its been tested for centuries!

Cost Effective

You can compare charred cladding to the cost of buying pre-painted boards. Our unique charring service means it is a viable option for your project.

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Want to see more amazing examples of charred wood?

Our Team

Murray Read
General Manager
Nelson Thelning
Head of Engineering
Katie Cox
North Island Sales

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At a secret location in Christchurch

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